Stratford, Connecticut, USA; September, 1987

Name: felix figueroa

Date of Sighting: september 1987

Location of Sighting: stratford into bpt

Further Description of Sighting: it ways september 1987, i was traveling from stratford into bpt..i was between exit 29 n 28 ,it was after 9pm oclook..i saw on my driver side a big round object going over the highway, it way a ufo..i dont care what poeple said, if they belived or not i do…it was big..i got off the next exit , on got back on the highways n that was ti ….it was gone…then i weat home n told my wife n family…at 10pm i put the news channel n the said poeple was calling about a object looking like a ufo…that my real story…look at that year n you will find imformation …

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