Lima, Lima Region, Peru; February, 2010

Name: Ricardo Valdez

Date of Sighting: at the end of February 2010

Location of Sighting: Lima, Peru

Further Description of Sighting: I live in Lima, Peru. I am watching Discovery Science Channel right now (March 14th 2010, 19:30 hrs)and noticed that they are talking about the strange lights seen over the skies of Kokomo and other places (Texas).

I wish to inform you that my son, his friend and myself saw way up on the sky something that was glowing and sending lights of green, red and white color, similar to the lights of a police car. This happens in a full moon evening in Lima (Northeast direction) at the end of February 2010. It was a clear night and many regular stars could be seen.

Definitively, these lights were not similar to the yellowish or whitish stars (lets say “regular” stars). There were probably two “things”. One relatively closer than the other. Unfortunately, the night became cloudy and lost visibility. Lima sky is usually cloudy. We must wait until the next clear skies (full moon) to see the position where we saw those lights.

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