Lake City, Florida, USA; March 4, 2008

Name: Joshua

Date of Event: Mar. 4, 2008 : 11:22p.m.

Location of Event: Deep Creek, Osceola National Forest, N 441 Lake City Fl.

Message: As I was walking with a friend of mine on 441 going north, I noticed a star looking object erratically moving across the sky in a northwardly direction. The object when I observed it closer over a clearing, appeared to have a red light in the front with a very faint glow. The object then stopped and the red light shined on the right side of itself. This next part is the unbelievable part of the whole incident.

As it had stopped in mid-air, halfway between itself and the ground, a green trail began to appear and then a huge ball of green light fell into the trees about a mile north of the driveway we were standing in front of. It almost looked like an orb that was shot out of the object. Please get in contact with me about this. After everything had happened, the sky then filled with about 15 planes which had red and white flashing lights on them. This is not a prank but the weirdest damn thing I had ever seen with my eyes!!!!!!!!!!

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