Enfield, Connecticut, USA; 1970s

Name: don

Date of Sighting: mid seventys

Location of Sighting: Enfield min. security prison

Further Description of Sighting: While doing time in Enfield min. security prison in the mid seventys working as an over night watch in the dairy i observed many times triangle shaped objects in the sky over the fields where the cows grazed.

i actually saw above me one triagle shaped object in the sky hoovering while one other triagle shaped object flew silently towards it and then met together to just take off into the sky.many times i saw balls flying past me at night. this i believe was some sort of observation device. ( i guess).

A guard, officer smith saw these things along with me. He once told me not to say anything because the higher ups in the office might think that we were crazy.let me tell you that these things really happened .Believe me i know that there are visitors from someplace . I just dont know where they come from.