Brick Township, New Jersey, USA; February, 1982

Name: Ernie Boss

Date: 02/82; 1600hrs

Location: Rt 70, Brick, NJ

Message: A couple of times previous to the close up sighting, I had seen a light in the sky that was quite different than a star or plane. I remember saying to my mom “there’s the UFO again mom!” Of course she didn’t even respond to what I was saying.

Finally, The last time I saw them in that spot, I said ” there they are” and a moment later I remember thinking to myself that they were coming towards us.

I said to my mom, “Well, Here they come” I was saying it in a cocky way as if here’s my proof I’m not making it up. Suddenly I saw a dimly lit image in the sky coming really fast towards our car.

When it got about 100 feet from us it lit up brighter than anything I had ever seen. It was so bright we couldn’t see through the windshield and my mother ran off the road. We sat there for about ten seconds still lit up. I was so scared, but I knew we were going to be OK. Then it was gone.