Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA; December 30, 2009

Name: Jessica

Date of Sighting: 12/30/2009 5:00 pm

Location of Sighting: Lebanon, PA, United States

Color(s) of UFO(s): white/ yellow light

Number of UFO(s): 1

Further Description of Sighting: Driving home from work today on Rt 72, going towards Lebanon from Annville. I thought I seen something unusual in the sky. It was one bright light.

There were no other lights on it indicating that it was a aircraft of some sort. It then dimmed as if the light had turned its direction. As I was trying to figure out what it was, it disappeared.

I then was looking all through the sky to try to find it. I was about a mile or two down the road when it appeared again. It was not moving at first, therefore I thought it might have been a star.

But within a few seconds it started moving again. When I was directly underneath this “moving star” at a red light, my AM radio station went out. But as soon as I moved from underneath it, my station came back on.

And keep in mind this is a station that comes in very clear for me. Of course, within a minute this light then disappeared again. Not sure what it was, but if anyone knows, please let me know

If you do contact a witness, please be respectful to them.

Contact Email of Witness: borruto@verizon.net


  1. We’re perfectly open to evidence that this was something else or that there is easy explanation. January 1st, 2009: 1am approx. Galway, West of Ireland. Six objects flying high and fast, reddish-orange and round in appearance, appearing at roughly a minute apart; two flew North-West and four West, all over the Atlantic Ocean. No audible sound. Five of us witnessed them and I am trying to find anyone else who saw them. Fireworks of some kind? Helicopters? Lights did not ‘wink’ or revolve.  Pattern of flight was disciplined and very controlled. Could have been taken for rocket engines of some kind, but generally we have no idea what they were. Very odd, none of us had ever seen anything similar. [2010|01|8d8aac10ecfaafb77619a142a5bb3900]


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