Galway, County Galway, Ireland; January 1, 2010

Name: Fred Johnston

Date of Sighting: January 1st, 2010 Approx. 1am

Location of Sighting: Galway City, Ireland

Shape(s) of UFO(s): Round/Globular

Size(s) of UFO(s): Large, fading into distance and silent

Color(s) of UFO(s): Bright Red/Orange

Number of UFO(s): Six

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: Difficult to establish. Appeared high

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): West by North-West

Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): Some small stars visible. Clear night

Further Description of Sighting: Moved fast and in controlled manner. Witnessed by five of us at the same time. Tracked them from East to West down Galway Bay. Dismissed idea of fireworks. Far too controlled, fast and high – straight flight as if powered and/or guided.

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14 thoughts on “Galway, County Galway, Ireland; January 1, 2010

  1. lynze

    Hi Fred
    We saw EXACTLY the same thing as you in Wrexham, North Wales at 12.15am on 1/1/10. My husband, Gran and Mum all saw the six red/orange balls moving across the sky without any sound. We had been watching the new years fireworks through the fench doors, when they had ended my mum said ‘look at that orange ball of light’ we all stood in the garden and saw six of them in total, one after another move across the sky in silence! So strange. I have been researching the net all morning. I am glad  you saw them in Ireland!



  2. Mat

    Yes, I’m not going mad. About 12.15 I was outside my in-laws house in Stone (staffs) and saw all 6 move across the sky. Two were at the same time and travelled in parallel to each other. All 6 moved in a direct line across the sky. All were golden in colour and all faded into the distance. After seeing the first and then sighting the second, I called my wife, in-laws and sister in-law and we all saw them. The sky was very clear, bright moon and no cloud. I wonderred if it wereas  low satellites but have drawn a blank. I’m also suprised that there has been very few sightings as it was quite spectacular and clearly not fireworks.


  3. Mark

    My wife, me and my two boys saw one orange light travelling at speed (not red or white like an aircraft) followed by another about a minute later (half past 12 this morn). They were travelling   approx in the direction Southend to London (we live near the Thames, Grays area). I see airplanes all the time at night/early morning and these were not aircraft red/white lights they were distinctly orange.


  4. Nina

    We saw the same thing around 12:15am. We went outside to watch the fireworks and the blue moon when my mother pointed out six orange/redish orbs flying together. They immediately created a V formation as they flew across the moon. The night was clear. Few stars. They did not make a sound and flew in a very contolled manner. Within a few seconds, one by one started to turn off the light. We could still see the dark shadow for a brief moment, then they diappeared. -Boynton Beach, Florida


  5. kieran

    i seen orange round shaped ball ,circular moving really slowly high in the night sky at 12 midnight new years eve ,was no sound and moved from left to right and fadded in the distance at a steady pace ,i know this wasnt no plane or hellicopter ,it came from east of ireland heading north i think ,was really bright orange but no shady from burning ,there was only the one i seen and im lost for words ,id like an answer to wat this could be


  6. Joanne

    We saw the exact same thing over Cork city at about 12.10am…..they were fading into the distance as they moved away. It was weird!! I only saw 2 of them but others said they had seen more a few minutes earlier. I would also really like an explanation for this!! It was kinda freaky….


  7. Anonymous

    me and my other half witnessed about 100 flying over shrewsbury in shropshire uk at about 12:15 moving north to south, one of the orbs shot straight up at what must have been 100s of miles an hour, the event lasted 45 minutes in total


  8. Jackie Fitzgerald

    Myself and my partner saw one deep orange light just as you describe above at five past nine tonight, about half an hour ago.  When I looked out the apartment window it was really close and was a globular shape, we ran out to the balcony and it was moving away and seemed more circular, it definitely changed shape and was very near the building.  It drifted off over the golf course underneath us (we are on the fourth floor) and then speeded up and went off down the Wicklow coast, north to south and disappeared after about 2 minutes.  We had time to grab the binoculars but that didn’t help much.  What on earth was that? Does anybody know how we can find out?


  9. mark

    1/1/2010 .Four of us saw at around 12:30 – 12:45am.In Blackpool.I first spotted an orange ball in south direction Was about quarter the size of moon at the time..At first I thought it was hot air balloon,as seemed to have cone of fire at base of sphere.But then seemed too round in shape to be a balloon and why would anyone be in one at this time and weather.?
    It flickered like a candle but the flame stayed in the ball at the base.Very orb like appearance.It moved slowly to the west and stopped sharply under a star.Couldnt of been firework/lantern or balloon drifting as it stopped so steady.About 10 seconds later it moved again west and was getting smaller or glowing less.
    As it went west it gradually got dimmer but still orange/red.It seemed to go at an upward right angle at the last seconds it faded.It travelled very linear,no wobble. [2010|01|c8ca39f877c201ff00453bcbf685fb7f]


  10. Sheena

    saw what we thought was a helicopter at first. Seemed to be flying as low as a helicopter would, but with no sound. Had a redish/orange bright steady glow. Flew out towards galway bay. Seemed to pick up speed and ascend as it passed our house. Definitely not regular aircraft as it had no aviation lights. Thought it might be a chinese lantern, but it flew in a definite path and at aircraft speed. Would love to know what it was????


  11. raelena sanchez

    i saw the exact same thing several times.!i has just saw a bright red orange object in the sky that was way to low to be a star.!and it was glowing and it was moving closer and closer and then all of a sudden there was like exactly 3 things that looked like flames fall from it!and then it just dissapeared.!i got many of pictures of it but cant explain what it was and this happened march 11 2010 around 8 30 or 8 40 im gonna say.!but this is not the only time i seen this i seen this just recently like maybe two to three weeks ago and it was lower than the object i just seen.!please give me a explanation for it1my sister claims its a comet.!but i really dont know


  12. JohnF

    I saw the same objects in the sky in Galway. the Date was April 2nd 2010 and occurred at 21:45. Three lights were visible in the west of the city, Two lights initially appeared, one following the other by some distnace and were travelling in a southerly direction, they had an orange/red colour (like a sodium street light). They made no sound and passed through the low lying clouds.  The first light dimmed (as it may have ascended) at a quick rate, the second light did the same at roughtly the same position in the sky. a few minutes later, a third light appeared on the same trajectory however i didnt stay to watch what happened.
    These lights did not appear to be regular aircraft due to the lack of regular aviation lighting and I seriously doubt they were chinese lanterns either. I’m wondering if it is possible to have access to the data from the carnmore tower in Galway.
    Can anyone whed some light on this (excuse the choice of words)?


  13. Manny Morales

    im writing this in regards to the JAN 1st 2010 sightings. i cant disagree with anyone because i saw exactly the same thing. my experience was a little bit different. i saw only 3 objects in the sky in a triangle angle shape. in the middle was the moon. they couldnt stay still. they were moving a little bit in a shivering way. about 45 minutes after 12:00 (new yrs) we heard an ovalry sound. kinda like sound waves hitting you ear canals. for example a very slow motion helicopter. i really cant explain anything but the fact that “AMERICA” is saying (till recent 05/20/2010) that they actually have space camoflaugin ships which are being used as space vehicles?? email me if bothered or curious [2010|05|4b6270e97ddc6180ffd47e9a081666f4]


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