Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, UK; September 10, 2009

Name: Thomas Stansfield

Date of Sighting: 10th September

Location of Sighting: Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Shape(s) of UFO(s): Squashed Ball

Size(s) of UFO(s): 15ft tall

Color(s) of UFO(s): green light from inside, unsure on colour of vehicle

Number of UFO(s): 1

Further Description of Sighting: Hello,
I have recently had an encounter of something I cannot make heads nor tails of why it happened. I live in an affluent area of Leeds, England, where both my separated parents live since 1989 and nothing has happened like it. I suppose it is unusual anywhere let alone where I live!

My parents live close together and I often walk from one house to another for some reason or other. I have to pass through a small field behind a primary school to get to each house. One evening at about 11.45pm on Thursday, September 10th, I was walking through the field and saw a large abnormal lump about 15 feet tall and 2 figures moving or shuffling around it in the corner of the field. There was no lights from what I later find out was a UFO, and since I had my iPod on I was surprised to find that I could hear and feel a low and metallic humming coming from the direction of the UFO. There is no other major lighting to see what was happening except the street lights from the streets nearby but it was still very dark. So I couldn’t make out much of what was happening as I was about 100ft away.

I took off my headphones and turned off my iPod, I quickly moved myself to the nearest wall in the hope that the figures did not notice me. By the time I reached the wall I suddenly noticed that a figure that was about 6’3” tall with jet black skin had heading to my direction and was quite close. It surprised and scared me as I swear it had been 100ft away only seconds before and had appeared near me with speed.

The first impressions of the alien I had was its dark skin but also its head, it had light coloured eyes that were large, significant and weirdly shaped ears that were folded back and I swear it had some sort of braided hair that looked slightly singed on one side.

It spotted me and the alien dragged me about 40-50ft towards the UFO where we met the other alien that was left at the UFO. I was extremely scared by this point and could hardly stand up; I was staring at each alien as they ‘spoke’ to each other. I could not understand a thing they said and I suddenly notice a small light come from the UFO.

I could make out that it seemed to be some sort of small shuttle as it was not very large. It had a door, which was open, and seemed like a slightly squashed ball. The green light came from inside the door. As the UFO was seemingly on its side I later assumed they must have crashed. However there were no holes or dirt flown around the area as I might have expected. The only reason I can see is that they were flying just above the ground and not that fast.

As I was not putting up any fight and the aliens seemed to talk quite frantically the alien who found me let go of me arm and went to the ground as could not support myself under my panic. Out of this panic I felt the urge to run as fast as I could to the alleyway that was quite nearby. I did not think of how fast the aliens could go I just wanted to run. The aliens must have thought I was not worth chasing and exposing themselves to the local residents as I managed to get to my father’s house without a chase.

Since then I have told nobody in fear of ridicule and risking mass panic by the neighbours in the area I live. Please tell me who I should talk to or what to do as do not have any idea of what to do next.

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