Newport Beach, California, USA; December 8, 2009

Name: Chris Johnson

Date of Sighting: 12/8/09

Location of Sighting: Newport Beach, California

Shape(s) of UFO(s): Classic Disc

Number of UFO(s): 1

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): East to West

Further Description of Sighting: Every night from 7pm-11pm my mother and I have witnessed a UFO posing as a bright star and eventually blinks out over the pacific ocean.

It starts off as a very intense bright star around 7pm and thoughout the evening moves very very slowly. It starts off in the east and fades over the pacific before it blinks out.

I began to realize this isn’t a star when I was walking my dog one evening, it was a cloudless summer night in August, it was beautiful to look at the stars and take my dog for a walk.

As i began to walk, I looked up at the bright “star” and it just turned off. I thought that was kind of weird. So when i got home, I sat in my backyard with my mother and told her, as to her dismay she didn’t believe me so i wanted to prove it.

We watched the star and in 17 minutes time, the star began to move. When it moved, it was wobbly. And right before it moves it shoots off a red light into the air.

This happens every night, we are pretty sure this is a training mission or something of the sort for this UFO that eventually keeps moving very slowly and blinks out over the pacific ocean every night.

If you live in newport beach, california look out in the sky around this time for a bright star, it might take roughly 30 minutes for it to move, but you will see this.

One thought on “Newport Beach, California, USA; December 8, 2009

  1. Jessica

    WOW, the same thing. the same exact thing happened here in south florida. But the rare thing about this situation is that, this one was during the setting of the sun, looking out to the west towards the everglades, where these is nothing but land. The sun has finally set, but the sky is still bright pink and orange, where the sun would have been minutes before,  i see a very bright “star”, i look at it. And i am just boggled, its too bright for it to be a star, it just is! the sun has just finsihed setting why is there a star appearing right there, where it should be appearing over the east where its darkest. I think what ever, its obviously an object thats reflecting the sunlight very bright. The same thing happens the nexy day, and the day after, always really bright right before the sun sets. And then it dissapears, a little after twilight. no more star. its just not there anymore.


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