Baker, California, USA; July 1, 2000

Name: Brian Bellemore

Date: July, 1, 2000; 03:25:am

Location: appr.9mi.n.of baker ca hwy127

What did the UFO look like: the flying object was was bigger than a military cargo plane. it was faster than anything i have ever was sort of silver or aluminum in had really big bright lights across the made no sound whatsoever.

size wise it looked to be as wide as a football field and maybe two storys high.the craft was nothing either myself or a friend that was with me had ever encountered before

Did the UFO do any strange things: the craft at the first sighting was a bright light in the distance. as we approached it it got bigger and brighter.we stopped our car because this thing was right over the middle of the road.

we shut off our lights and when we did this thing began to approach it got closer we realized that this was like nothing we had ever seen before or could have ever even imagined.we turned the car around and went back the way we came from as fast as possible.

the craft followed and approached us very quickly.then it backed off and seemed to disappear or at least shut off its lights.we pulled over to the side of the road and tried to figure out what we had just seen..we turned back and were going to go back and hopefully continue on our way to pahrump nevada where my father lives.

we didn’t even get as far as where we first turned around when the craft appeared again right in front of us of to the right side of the road.we again turned around and drove as fast as we could to get out of there once again.

the craft followed us even further this time and came much came right up behind us and kept flying from one side to the other behind us this time it follwed or seemed to be chasing us probably half way back to the town of baker california.

then it was gone again..we stopped the car on the side of the road and tried to collect our thoughts again and try to figure out what was going was so frightening but yet exciting at the same time.we once again turned around and headed back toward our destination very carefully and watching very closly what was around us.

when we got approximately back to the first point of the sighting.this craft came up over this hill on the terrain and came down so fast i was shocked.this thing was so big and so fast we almost froze right where we were.

i turned the car around heading south again toward baker. i reached speeds of ninety miles per hour and this flying craft came up along side of us and a little to the rear of the car then went to the opposite side of the car, then it came right up on top of our car.i would say approximately two feet above us. it matched our speed perfectly.i could see the underside of something in my side view mirror.

it was silver in color and it actually looked like the bottom of a real big airplane except it was sort of disc shaped on the lower part of it that was almost touching our car and the rest of it was out of my sight on the drivers side of the car and above what i could see at that moment.the friend that was with me was also watching the thing.

the main body of this thing was off to the passenger side of our car and also was silver in was so big we couldn’t even see the other side of it was over us at approximately 90m.p.h. we couldnt roll the windows up all the way there was some sort of pressure that was pushing the windows in and wouldnt let them roll up in their tracts.

it seemed like there was a lot of pressure on the car itself. it chased us all the way to the town of baker which we measured at nine miles on our way home.we pulled in to a gas station in baker under some big parking lot lights and tried to regain our was the most scariest thing i have ever seen.

just before the chase ended a car was coming toward us from the town and as the car approached us the craft went up and disappeared into the darkness. i beleive whoever was in that car had to have seen this occuring.because the craft was right on top of us with its lights on.

Additional comments: whatever or whoever was flying this craft obviously didnt want us to get closer in the chased us off..then the second time it came closer and seemed more aggressive and chased us a little further..then the third time i honestly think we might of really bothered them or maybe we were interupting something beacause of how it went after us the last time..we honestly thought we were going to be either hurt or maybe even showed obvious frustration or anger toward us.when it went after us the last time i felt we were in major trouble..

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