Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa; October 18, 2009

Name: Chad

Date of Sighting: 18 October 2009, 20:50

Location of Sighting: South Africa, Johannesburg

Shape(s) of UFO(s): Blue pulsing sphere with star in the middle

Color(s) of UFO(s): Blue

Number of UFO(s): 1

Further Description of Sighting: The sphere was pusling a halo of light from the centre where there was a star like object


  1. I am from Arizona, USA my sister and I just saw the same thing EXACTLY! Only about 20 minutes ago, my neighbors and sister and I were looking at it for about 15 minutes, sometimes we could see it move slightly and sometimes it was still, but it is EXACTLY how you describe it. Four of us saw it tonight…


  2. Good day I am from Bothasig Cape Town, myself and a group of friends and family were standing outside when we saw it.  I agree it looked like a star sending out halo’s, almost the same ripple effect one would get when you throw a stone in water. I tried to film it but my camera could not pick it up. Would love to know what it was. P.S. I do believe there are UFO’S out there. 


  3. I am from the Krugersdorp South (Kagiso) and I saw this misterious thing while at about the same time. It just vanished after a while. Can’t the SA air force try and bring this thing down so that we can see exactly wat it is. I don’t believe in UFO’s anyway. [2009|10|922cd0fab43d761539df005279ea8f7f]


  4. Hi! I am from the Limpopo Province in the South Africa and saw the exact same thing! My dad and I were driving outside town just before 9pm when he told me to stop immediately. When I stepped out and looked at the sky I was stunned……. It looked like Benzo’s drawing and the “object” was moving from left to right accross the Milky Way. Then it faded and was suddenly gone. My dad and I looked at each other in shock. Speechless.


  5. Four of us,my wife,son &his wife saw it in Benoni,Gauteng ca 20:50 Sunday night.It came from the South and disappear when it was West from us. The pulsating Cirlce/s became bigger towards us but faded until it could not be seen ca the direction of JHB.


  6. Possible UFO sighting at about 19:00 pm on the 16 April 2010.  Over Kliprivierdrive area.  Was shape like a disk with blue, green and red lights.  Between the lights there were white lights.  If anybody has any idea of what it was or saw the same thing, Please email me :  There were two of these strange lights.  I know they had one Hydrogen balloon over central town.  Mabe it got blown this way although there was no strong winds last night.


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