Greenbrier, Tennessee, USA; Summer 1995

Name: Chrissy

Date of Sighting: Summer 1995 – midnight until sunrise

Location of Sighting: Greenbrier, Tennessee

Shape(s) of UFO(s): round

Further Description of Sighting: In the summer of 1995, two friends & myself noticed something unfamiliar in the sky. We first noticed this object after midnight & hovered in the same spot until sunrise.

It appeared to be pretty far away, hovering just about the electrical lines. I would say it was about softball size (from our point of view).

It was a bright white light, that had colored lights shooting out from it in all directions. As I said, this object was seen from about midnight until sunrise.

As the sun started to rise, the object began to dart off at lightening speed to the right. It went from the size of a softball to nothing in a split second.

The odd thing is that the very next night, we were watching a show about UFOs & they showed the exact same thing we had seen the night before!

One comment

  1. Was it towards Knoxville because I was driving home in south Knoxville around that date and my boys screamed for me to look up and it was just staying in one spot it look close to us it was around the Gay street bridge area. it looked to be dark grey in color with lights it was huge. we still talk about.  When i was about 8 or 9 I saw a RECTANGLED box type ufo around the I 640 AREA OF COURSE IT WAS NOT I 640 THEY HADN’T BUILT INTERSTATE YET.  Everone got out of there cars and was looking pointing i was crying to go home.


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