Warwickshire, England, UK; June 2, 2000

Name: Carl Wilson

Date: June 2, 2000; 11.00pm

Location: Hampton Magnor,Warks., England

What did the UFO look like: Triangle ufo craft was red with three circles at the pointed end of the triangle which were green lights.

Did the UFO do any strange things: The triangle craft look big on the clear night, was hovering from far distance with no sound noise and then vanish into thin air.

Additional comments: Triangle craft had more stars around itself than rest of the night sky saw from bedroom window. I have report it hear because my friend Jodie she has fair interested in UFO`s. Also see –03–00 and –04–00 Carl Wilson on this very web sight for my other UFO sightings reports. This is my third report of sighting this year in Hamton Magnor.

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