Warwickshire, England, UK; April, 2000

Name: Carl Wilson

Date: April, 2000; 10.30pm

Location: Hampton Magnor, Warks., England

What did the UFO look like: UFO first saw a yellow oval shape object flashing on and off looks large in far distance on a clear night then change to red and blue flashing lights together. He saw from near a field.

Did the UFO do any strange things: One strange thing that when he turn to look at something else for no reason in a 30 degrees angle direction and then he look back again the UFO object vanish.

Additional comments: This is the second report sighting in the same area from my other mate of mine this time by Matt saw the UFO non intrest of UFO`s. Also read file “he saw in a field on his own” on this very web sight for more information about this area –/03/00.

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