Temple, Texas, USA; 1973

Name: Bunker Ehlert

Date: 1973; 08:00:00

Location: Temple, Texas

What did the UFO look like: It was a gray metallic box, something like a Lunar Lander not over 3,000 ft overhead (est.)

Did the UFO do any strange things: I saw it through a break in the clouds while walking from my car to my office. After a few minutes clouds covered it. It just hung there. Skylab had just gone up and I told my fellow workers it must have been that but they said it would just be a dot of light. I have been an observer of aircraft all my life and also a trained Navy lookout and never saw anything like this.

Additional comments: About this time the Pascagoula abductions occurred and I also saw a very bright light pass over my house about 6 PM that summer, westbound at a great height with no sound, and at a high speed. It took a long time to drop below the horizon so I assumed that was due to it’s altitude.