Centerville, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA; December, 1968

Name: Michael Tarvainen

Date: December, 1968; 7 pm

Location: centerville, mass.

What did the UFO look like: 40 feet across, disc shaped, one brighht red light in the center with red and white lights around the outside, lights were blinking or seemingly revolving around the object, object was within 200 feet of my position, approximately 100 feet above the trees, object was totally silent, it was a quiet winter evening and I was certain if it was a plane, etc I would have heard it

Did the UFO do any strange things: object moved from right to left across a clearing near my house, slowly, only about 10 miles per hour, it was descending toward the lake behind my house, the lake was frozen over so I didn’t think it was any seaplane or anything, It disappeared behind the trees and I lost sight of it

Additional comments: I am very much into aviation and have been to air shows around the country, read much about aviation and am well informed about aircraft and aviation and can say with near certainty that this was not an aircraft of any kind.

this object was close to me, large, well lit, silent and moved too slowly to be an aircraft. I have no idea what it was but thought that since I have never reported it I would take the time now to do so.

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