Lake Wales, Florida, USA; January 22, 2000

Name: Linda & Harvey Highsmith

Date: January 22, 2000; 18:45:00

Location: Central Florida

What did the UFO look like: At first there were 2 very large, very bright yellow/orange lights, approximately 200 feet off the ground.

Did the UFO do any strange things: These 2 lights lit up the entire area, then all of a sudden there appeared 4 lights. We watched these for approximately 5-8 minutes then they suddently went out and disappeared.

Additional comments: This was located off of Highway #60 between Yeehaw Junction and Lake Wales Florida. It was during a full-moon (one of the brightest I had seen) and it was in an open field near a military bombing range.

One thought on “Lake Wales, Florida, USA; January 22, 2000

  1. john laskos

    On 11/19/09, I was traveling north on the Florida Turnpike between the Ft Drum service plaza and Yeehaw Junction, when I noticed 2 yellow/amber lights approx 1000 feet in the sky. The lights flickered out and several seconds later came back on. I called a relative to explain what was happening and while we were speaking the two lights stayed in place and four more joined those two on each side forming a “V” pattern. This lasted for approx 30 seconds and then they went out. I have never seen anything like this in my life nor have I ever been interested in UFO’s but I can honestly say that this made me a believer! I am not aware of any type of aircraft that could have done this.


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