Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Summer 1972

Name: Robert Turner

Date: 1972

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Message: It was a large sphere, it made a perfect circle but was definately not a disk, it was spherical – sort of clear or translucent, somewhat silvery, but not metalic looking. It just hovered beyond a neighbours house and was quite low in the sky.

I could relate it to the house and the trees. It was hard to estimate the size but in relation to the house and trees it may have been about 30 feet in diameter but hard to tell how far away it was. It was probably larger as it was probably a little further away that it appeared.

It was a clear summer day with just a few cirus clouds. There was a noticable breeze coming from the north as large branches on a row of tall poplar trees were be bending and leaning slightly to the south. Despite the breeze, the object just remained stationary. This lasted for a few minutes, I alerted some neighbours who ran out to the street and also witnessed the object.

They do not like to talk about it. A friend of mine ran to his house and came out with a small telescope, It had a tiny tripod so I set it up in the middle of the street and lay flat on my stomach and was able to focus on the object. As soon as I got it in focus it quickly retreated – against the wind. – There was no sound, it just got smaller and smaller until it disappeared. It was gone in just a few seconds.

From a large stationary object to nothing in just a few seconds. During my short close up look, I did notice 3 lights on the object, they were near the perimeter of the object and relativly even spaced. If you drew a line connecting the lights it would have made a triangular shape.

It bothers me that the others choose to dismiss the event as it was like nothing I had ever seen before or since. I’ve browzed a few books on the subject but have not come across any drawings or descriptions that match. I haven’t actually looked very hard, but now that I have internet I will begin searching.

In a conversation with a hockey teammate a few years ago we ended up on the topic of UFO’s and when I described what I had seen, suprizingly he had seen just what I described, it was around the same time frame, similar time of day and about ten miles from my sighting – He saw it out over lake Ontario by Toronto’s waterfront. He was driving east on the Gardiner Expressway at the time. He was looking East and a little South at the time.

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