Pismo Beach, California, USA; January 4, 2000

Name: K. Wilson

Date: January 4, 2000; 21:00:00

Location: over Pismo Beach, CA

What did the UFO look like: While looking at the stars I noticed three bright lights, they looked exactly like stars, and appeared to be as far away as a star. The three lights were formed like the points on a triange. One in front and two behind (like a triangle).

I thought they were just stars because they were stationary, but then they began to move across the sky never leaving the triangular formation. All of a sudden the leading light disappeared, then a minute later the light to the left, and another minute following the light to the right just vanished. A minute later a shooting star zoom across the sky, and that was all.

Did the UFO do any strange things: Read above. It hovered deep into the sky like stars and then began to move quickly and each light vanished instantly.

Additional comments: I’m a very educated person, and can immediately deduct an airplane and a satelite from the possibilities. I’m not sure if the shooting star had anything to do with this sighting, but it was very coincidental.

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