Parker, Arizona, USA; March 23, 2000

Name: Joe Mayhew

Date: March 23, 2000; 1130

Location: Parker AZ 85344

What did the UFO look like: foot ball shaped,metalic silver

Did the UFO do any strange things: sudenly appeared,hovering,vanished

Additional comments: on 3/23/00 i took my dogs out in the desert to run them,like i do most every day,im about two miles out of town in a wash with high banks on both sides,i picked up my dogs,turned my 4-4 bronco around and headed back down the wash to go home.

the sun was out bright to my left shoulder,scattered cloud at about 3000 ft & the view to the front was clear. I happened to glance up about 45 degrees and i saw this metalic silver object hovering in front of a cloud bank,i said to myself “what the heck is that!” and it vanished. I watched the sky to see if it would reappear witch it didn’t.

I checked the airport to see if they launched w/baloons a couple of day later and they said no. NOTE. I never beleaved in flying saucers before but now i know ther is something going on

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