Fletcher, Vermont, USA; April 20, 2000

Name: Terry Scanlon

Date: April 20, 2000; 21:30

Location: Fletcher, VT-hovering nearby

What did the UFO look like: round, with one cigar-shaped extension. It looked to be abot 60 feet in diameter, with the extension maybe 30 feet long. It had six very dim greenish-blue lights underneath, and appeared to have some sort of windows. Some white lights inside were not as dim, and I could see some movement, but could not make out what it looked like.

Did the UFO do any strange things: it hovered almost silently for a good two minutes – making a swishing-of-air sound, and then very slowly left toward the south.

Additional comments: as it approached, I saw it drop straight down, fairly slowly, and then hover about 25 feet above the ground. When it left, it angled up very slowly and I was able to observe it for another minute or two.

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