Lancaster, Ohio, USA; October, 1999

Name: Dusty

Date: October, 1999; noon

Location: Lancaster Ohio

What did the UFO look like: what i observed was a group of highly reflective objects rolling or tumbling in the sky.

Did the UFO do any strange things: they were about as high as commercial aircraft would be seen, or at least appeared to be. it appeared to be a playful dogfight. i counted as many as 7 objects at one time but the reflection of the sun was what made them visible to me. as i said they were high and On the approach of a commercial aircraft they would scatter and return to play after it the sun set they disappeared.

Additional comments: i don’t think i am a “nut” I have never seen anything like this before but i hope to again. several of the men i was working with also saw this anomaly and some were frightened but i felt no threat.

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