Midwest City, Oklahoma, USA; June, 1961

Name: Garner Hays

Date: June, 1961; 9:30 PM

Location: Midwest City, Oklahoma

What did the UFO look like: The color was an almost white light, too bright to really ascertain a definite shape.

Did the UFO do any strange things: When we first saw it, we all thought it was an unusally bright star, because it seemed to be sitting very still. It was very low on the eastern horizon. All four of us had noticed it because of the extreme brightness. We were all looking at it when suddenly it shot off toward the north at an amazing speed!

Then it stopped and hung in the night sky, looking like a star again. It stayed in that location for maybe 20 sec. then shot off at a right angle toward the south, covering nearly horizon to horizon in 3 to 4 sec.

Additional comments: My wife,myself and my best friend and his wife all saw the same thing. Jim and I were in the airforce at that time. I was a jet engine mechanic. The speed of the craft and it’s ability to stop dead still and then reach speeds which must have been in excess of 4,000 miles an hour, then execute right angle turns at that speed, was and still is beyond the capabilities of any aircraft produced by our government.

We were so shaken by what we saw, that we called several of the radio stations around the area to see if anyone else had seen what we saw. They all reported many sightings like ours.

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