East Brunswick Township, New Jersey, USA; July, 1985

Name: Dan Semple

Date: July, 1985

Location: East Brunswick, New Jersey

What did the UFO look like: It was really high up in the night sky. I did not see anything but a bright light.

Did the UFO do any strange things: Yes, the reason why I didn’t think it was an airplane or something like that was the way it moved. It would fly in a straight path then almost move up and over something in one swift movement. Plus it would stop on a dime and shoot in a different direction.

Additional comments: I was young and camping in my friends backyard. It was an incredibly clear night when I saw something moving through the sky. I called my friend over to see a shooting star, but then it started doing the strange movements I stated above. I am still puzzled by this and all but forgot about it becuase anyone I told just chalked it up to a wild childs imagination but there is nothing that I can think of to explain the way this object moved through the sky.