Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; March 13, 2000

Name: Lorraine

Date: March 13, 2000; 5-5:30

Location: Vancouver, BC Canada

What did the UFO look like: It was “saucer” shaped, and a light grey to silvery colour. (reflective at times and almost transparent at times) It looked to be the size of a small aircraft, although there were no objects close to it to get a ‘scale’ size.

Did the UFO do any strange things: The object remained in the exact same position throughout the sighting, (becoming faint, then appearing over and over again) then dissapeared from view completely. I did not see it travel at all.

Additional comments: This sounds crazy, but, it almost seemed to be (for the lack of a better term) ‘cloaking’ and ‘uncloaking’ from view. The object was at times reflecting the sun, or had lights of it’s own; very bright. Then it would become very faint, almost like a shadow image, then back to bright again.