Moorestown Township, New Jersey, USA; May, 1978

Name: Ellen Crain

Date: May, 1978; 11:30

Location: Moorestown, New Jersey

What did the UFO look like: Round in shape with white / red moving/rotating lights-but not glaring in brightness. Could look directly at object.

Did the UFO do any strange things: Hovered in one spot almost the entire time, making only a slight humming noise. Hovered over house next door while lights were rotating around base of craft. Was gone in an instance.

Additional comments: Believe newspaper reports indicated others at seen craft that same night.

One comment

  1. When I was young around 12 years of age I had a experience of being on a ufo and looking down about 100 feet above the house on westfield ave  in Moorestown NJ in the late 70s. I remember one very cold and windy night, where everyone in the house was trying to find where the humming noise was coming from. I remember to this day telling my mom at that time that they where coming for me again. This was not a dream and for many years after turning 19 years old I travel the country looking for something and could to this day not know why……
    I do know that something happen, I just don’t know what it was….
    At 16 I drop out of school and was a loaner for many years….
    Today I’m a inventor and designer, holding 1 patent and one pending…
    My work is free energy…….. [2009|11|9704d79a164c0f80d65bd4635e04f524]


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