Indiana, USA; 1955

Name: Lee Conner

Date: 1955

Location: Indiana

What did the UFO look like: Its appearence was like that of a cigar shape Brown in color and with an appearence as if it had fire or lighting around the bottom of the shape.

Did the UFO do any strange things: After about three minutes of it just siting there in the sky,(approx 3,000 feet up and 1/4 mile away) there was a lot of black smoke and flames swirling around the object in a circular fashion.The smoke and flames stopped, I continued to talk to my mother and neihbor lady, we looked back up to watch it some more and it was gone.

Additional comments: I was young at the time, I observed it only with casual interest at that time as well as my mother and the neigbor. I was curious but knew nothing about UFOs. Only in the past few years did I realize what I saw was something I couldn’t explain, but I now know that something shaped like a saucer, viewed from the side appears as a cigar shape.Also, I’ve never seen a way of reporting it so easily as your web site. I really remember it clearly and in vivid detail even today.

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