Banner Elk, North Carolina, USA; June, 1968

Name: L.

Date: June 1968

Location: Banner Elk, NC

Message: The weather was clear that night of June 1968, when I was drawn to the window. It was about 10pm and I was walking toward my son’s room to check on him before going to bed, myself. That was when I saw some lights shining thru the back windows of the house.

I stopped to see what it could be, because there wasn’t any homes built in the back and no roads could be seen, just mountain tops.

At first glance, I thought I was seeing things; I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were two huge, and I mean huge things in the sky, rising over the mountain tops. They were the size of football stadiums. They were shaped like a typical flying saucer, not that I’d ever believed their existence or that anyone had ever seen such a thing. Someone surely had in order to have drawn it, they must have seen it. That was what was going through my mind, as I was asking myself what could this be. If not a flying saucer, what else?

They were each identical, in the fact that they were the same shaped saucers with running lights. I can’t remember if they were all white lights or if there were some colored ones. (It’s been too long, since that time.) They moved at the same time and hovered over the top of the mountain. I couldn’t figure out what was so interesting. There was nothing on that mountain, except a few scattered houses. At that time, there was construction going on to build the ski lodge resort up on Beach Mtn. However, the saucers were not hovering over Beach Mtn, they were just west of that mountain.

The most interesting thing was when they moved, they were so very fast. Zip! They also moved together, instantly. They would moved just slightly to one side, then back again. They hovered for the longest time, maybe 20 min., then zip! There they both went across the sky and disappeared instantly. Not like a plane that you can see until the shape is too tiny, no these left so quickly, it was as if they disappeared. I was so in awe of something that could move that fast, especially something that big.

The next day, I called up a friend of mine, who had just come home from being in the Air Force. I was a little hesitant about telling him, I was afraid he would think I was nuts or something but I needed to tell someone. Surprisingly, he was not surprised by my story, in fact, he said the Air Force knew there was something in our area and had been monitoring it for a while. He also said, they would never let the public know what was going on.

I never saw anything like that again but I never stop looking. The next time I hope I have a chance to get a picture.

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