Los Angeles, California, USA; January 6, 2000

Name: Cal Anton

Date: January 6, 2000; 19:45:00

Location: January 6, 2000

What did the UFO look like: Extremely Brilliant Blue, Red, Purple, Violet and White. Shape hard to determine in lieu of bright lights, appeared to be erratically rotating. Due East 25 degrees above horizon.

Did the UFO do any strange things: Rotating and bobbing around in same vicinity for 15 minutes before slowly departing. Set up 10 in. reflector scope to watch it. Tracked it until it moved beyond telescopic visibility. During the 35 minute departure the colors dimmed and object appeared more like a fireball.

Additional comments: Local TV news reported sightings of similar description several days prior. When I first saw it I thought the star Sirius was going supernova because of the vicinity. Siruis was dwarfed by the objects brilliance. Thanks

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