Crossett, Arkansas, USA; December 16, 1999

Name: James Watkins

Date: December 16, 1999; 01:00

Location: South of Crossett, Ark

What did the UFO look like: 2 objects. 1 large, translucent jelly-fished shaped, pulsating red, green to blue. 2nd object smaller, appeared rectangular when lights pulsed. Moved rapidly around larger object or suspended above and off to the side.

Did the UFO do any strange things: It is still hovering low on the horizon. Larger object fairly stationery. Smaller object has erratic flight path. Zig-zags horizontally, reverses direction at high speed. Occasionally orbits larger object.

Additional comments: UFO is still in the southern sky at this time 2:05 am CST. Smaller object orbits larger object like a gyro.