Ellis County, Kansas, USA; October 15, 1999

Name: Kurt Downing

Date: October 15, 1999; 20:30

Location: Ellis County. Western Kansas

What did the UFO look like: It looked like a satellite. when i first saw it, it looked like a meteor but seemed to stay it one spot as it got brighter, then faded to look like a satellite and started heading south.

Did the UFO do any strange things: i got my binoculars to watch it go on to the south when it turned a 180% turn, came back to the north a short distance and then stopped.

sat a few minutes then went in a different direction and stopped again and did that several times in several different directions.

When it had stopped moving and just appeared as a star, i got out of my van and three jets then appeared and two of them seemed to head straight for where i had been watching.

After that, i couldn’t spot it any longer. i had kept my binoculars on it as long as i could hold my head still as i was sitting an odd position with my head out the window of my van.and when it stopped moving for about three minutes, i got out of my van to watch as the jets moved into the area.

Additional comments: i never saw any flashing lights or protrusions.( except for when it first appeared and looked like a fireball, then dimmed to a satellite like glow.)

It looked like a satellite but it did turn and stop and turn other directions and then it stayed in one place for several minutes when i decided to gt out of my van and look at more of the sky when these three jets appeared and seem to move towards that area of the sky i was watching.