Kalispell, Montana, USA; October 2, 1999

Name: Mark Paulson

Date: October 2, 1999; 22:46:00

Location: Over Kalispell, MT

What did the UFO look like, shape/size in relation to terrestrial objects/lights/colour :

Being a backyard amatuer astronomer, I was on my deck just casually watching the skies before retiring for the night. I had been observing the summer triangle for a short while when some movement in the sky in my peripheral vision caught my attention.

Instinctively turning my head to look, I observed five (or perhaps seven, in either case it was an odd number) diffuse and somewhat faint, eliptical white lights, in a “V” formation cross the sky from roughly north to south.

There was absolutely no sound at all associated with its transit and vehicle traffic or other noise in my neighborhood at that time of night was non-existant, excluding the possibility that any sound it may have emitted may have been masked. It crossed the sky, from where I picked it up at approximately 1:30 position (3:00 being the northern horizon and 9:00 the southern horizon) to where I lost it in a neighbor’s tree at approximately 10:30 position in about five seconds.

It was with out a doubt the strangest thing I have ever witnessed!