Adirondacks, New York, USA; September 20, 2009

Name: Kevin

Date: September 20, 2009

Location: Adirondacks, New York, USA

Message: Saturday night, September 20th 2009, while camping (in the middle) of the Adirondack’s, five of us witnessed a very large circular light in the sky dissiminating a bright cone that looked to be right above us, though we know it was miles away. The GIANT bright light produced a cone of light that almost looked like a mist. I believe we witnessed this miracle for nearly 30 seconds before seeing the light dissapear.

Afterwards, the cone of light seemed to dissinigrate, much like a mist, or a morning fog. Be advised, this mist kept perfect form as a cone while dissiminating.

Be advised, where we were camped, we had to fly in 20 miles from any road and land on a float plane, very remote.

The five of us did not try to explain this to our fellow campers, we knew they would not believe us. Four of us are soldiers, and the other a 50 year PHD. graduate.

I’ve never been the type to believe in aliens, or even watched X-files, but I KNOW that this display was not from this earth. That it was completly heavenly…

I believe that I witnessed something out of this world, and that I now much change my view…

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