Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada; September 19, 2009

Name: Chip

Date of Sighting (and time if known): Septemeber 19, 2009

Location of Sighting: Richmond Hill, Ontario

Shape(s) of UFO(s) (If Known): Pencil/ stick like shaped object with a cloud underneath that appeared in an upside down cone shape

Size(s) of UFO(s) (If Known): Too far away to tell.

Color(s) of UFO(s) (If Known): Very bright bright White

Number of UFO(s) (If Known): 1

Distance of UFO(s) in sky (If Known): 300- 400 miles

Direction of Travel for UFO(s) (If Known): Downward…. howvering …then upward and vanish

Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): Looked like a small , thin glow stick

Further Description of Sighting: Me and my lovely wife were looking to the South East. The sun had set in the clear, clear sky. Just to the right beside Jupiter was an obeject that appeared to be hoovering in relation to the planet. Then it appeared to shoot smoke out from it in a cone shape with lines through it and then clouds of smoke appeared underneath for 15-20 seconds. ( it almost appeared like the object at one point was moving down through the smoke). The obeject appeared to move straight upwards slowly and not to far and vanished with the smoke and then disappeared. I’ve heard this was NASA apparently launching a Black Brant XII September 19 from Wallops Island, Virginia. Well that would be the first time a reflective object like a rocket glowed with the sun behind it.