Rodanthe, North Carolina, USA; July 5, 1999

Name: michelle

Date: July 5, 1999; 12:00am?

Location: rodanthe,north carolina

What did the UFO look like, shape/size in relation to terrestrial objects/lights/colour :

i saw what one was doing.(my husband and i)at least we think it was . that is why i am contacting you. it was july 5th about 12:00am,no it was not a fire work. rodanthe n.c. is the most eastern part of the U.S. the night was totally clear, except for all the stars we saw. first we saw what looked like a shooting star but it was going up not down. it left a glowing dust behind it. it stopped. then there was another one coming from the n.w. of where the other one stopped. it came down at an angle from n.w. to the s.e. then it seemed to form a huge glowing ball or explosion. then started again where it had stopped going up at an angle from s.w. to n.w. and kept going while the whole time trailing a glowing dust. it made a diamond formation with rounded edges. what ever made this formation was gone, but that glowing dustlike stuff stayed in the sky for a good 40 minutes. it didn’t drift away just faded out. we heard no noise the whole time.was this a ufo?

Did the UFO do any strange things like hover and then zoom off quickly :

no just the formation it made

Any additional comments :

what was it

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