Grandin, Missouri, USA; 1960

Name: Charlene Hale

Date: 1960; 9:00 pm

Location: Grandin, Missouri

What did the UFO look like, shape/size in relation to terrestrial objects/lights/colour :

There were 2 large (very large) colored balls. Each of them were as big as a house.

Did the UFO do any strange things like hover and then zoom off quickly :

The two color balls glowed and moved very slowly side by side then zoomed apart and disappeared.

Any additional comments :

Grandin is a very small town….and in 1960 (before street lights ) it was very dark. My mother and I were walking home from church and from a nearby hill all of a sudden here came these two large colored balls just above the trees on the hill and moving very slowly…They made no sound. After 4-5 minutes of moving slowly to the south, they parted and zoomed out of sight in just seconds. We have wondered for 39 nine years just what we saw that summer night in 1960.

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