Ukiah, Oregon, USA; October, 2007

Name: HollyJo Beers

Date: October, 2007

Location: Ukiah, Oregon, USA

Message: I wanted to tell someone about a strange object three of us saw in the sky one night in Eastern Oregon, above Ukiah, near Bridge Creek Flats.

We were in the mountains, sitting around the campfire in October 2007, about 11 pm, when we heard a rumbling noise coming from the east.

There were no other people or cars around. The noise lasted maybe 10 minutes and then stopped. About 5 minutes later, my brother looked up, and saw an object in the sky directly overhead.

He told us, we looked up, and there was a black, triangular shaped object, about 300 feet up, looking almost motionless.

The triangle was hollow in the middle, you could see stars through it, there was one small white light on the underside of each point, and a tiny red light that seemed to be in the middle of the bare space that you could see stars through.

It began traveling very slowly, eventually reaching what we estimated to be about 30 mph. It was headed west and we ran and followed it to where we could see it over Bridge Creek Flats.

It slowing moved across the flats and disappeared several miles away over other mountains. We never heard a noise after my brother spotted it. Does anyone know what this may have been?

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