Santa Rosa, California, USA; August 23, 2009

Name: Mark

Date: August 23, 2009; 8:50pm

Location: Santa Rosa, California, USA

Message: I live in this same area of Santa Rosa (San Pablo Court) . At about 8:50pm Last Sunday, 8/23/09, I stepped out my back door and looked up to see a fiery red-orange roughly circular light hovering in the Northern sky.

There were some stars out, so I tried to compare this to other objects in the sky to see if it was moving. Then I realized there were 3 or more other similar objects and all seemed to slowly form into a triangle or “z” pattern, then slowly disappear .

One seemed to go straight up. When I went to the street there were other neighbors who had watched them come in to the area in a line before seeing also what I described. I have never seen a UFO and am a skeptic.

I have photographed planets and the night sky before and have an amateur interest in Astronomy. These were not celestial bodies although they may have tried to appear that way.

When you search on the internet (Google, blogs etc.) these sightings (yellow, orange-red balls, spheres, etc. were reported in Canton, Ohio and all over Northern England the night before. With similar sightings all over the world in the last few months especially.

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