Lacey Township, New Jersey, USA; June, 2009

Name: IgnoranceIsDeath

Date: June, 2009; 11 AM

Location: Lacey Township, New Jersey, USA

Message: Early June, 2009:
Driving to Lacey, Parkway Southboud:

It was BROAD DAYLIGHT. A perfectly round, red, orb. It looked to be the size of a volleyball or a basketball so I imagine it must have been slightly larger than that given optical illusion distance creates; it just sat PERFECTLY STILL hovering there, smack dab in the middle of the road. It didn’t move or bounce or rotate. It didn’t ascend or descend at all– as you would expect of a balloon. Just sat there. Couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It was just south of Lakewood on the parkway southbound– probably about 11 AM.

Someone had pulled over to watch. Wish I could have done the same.
I was dumbfounded. I remember thinking to myself, “What the hell is that” as I approached. I tried to rationalize it away– that it must have been one of the red cushions from an electrical wire– but then I don’t know if those float. I assume that, had one of those broken loose, it would fall to the ground. And even then, if it was filled with some lightweight gas to support the weight of electric lines, I would expect it to be blown about by the currents of wind created by passing traffic. It didn’t ascend or descend. It was not attached to an electrical line. It just sat there.

It was a very strange experience: its existence was telling me two contradictory things: “Here I am, look at me,” but also “You’re not supposed to see me, I’m supposed to look like something you don’t notice.”

It was almost like I wasn’t supposed to notice it was there, but yet, there it was in BROAD DAYLIGHT, just sitting there seemingly watching traffic. Very strange.

It was very wierd. Here were all these other people driving down the parkway, and only myself and one other person seemed to notice it at all. How? Why?

It’s not the first time. Other members of my family have seen similar things.

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