Glossop, Derbyshire, England, UK; April 10, 1999

Name: stephen webb

Date: April 10, 1999; 2240

Location: Nr Glossop,Derbyshire.England

What did the UFO look like, shape/size in relation to terrestrial objects/lights/colour :

left light very bright, right light very bright, middle light red. A lot bigger/brighter than house or street lights. Too far apart to be an aircraft.

Did the UFO do any strange things like hover and then zoom off quickly :

The 2 white lights seem to move up and down, the left one disappeard for a short time, the larger middle one appeared, the one on the left reappeared. They seemed to be hovering, moving up and down, seperately. The sky was clear, so we don’t no where the left one went when it disappeard briefly

Any additional comments :

There was 4 of us in the car, Myself, wife and 2 children who all saw this. We would have stopped longer, but my son was very frightened by what he was seeing.I am 45, my wife is 39, my son is 16 and daughter 14. We have never seen anything like this before and doubt whether we will again. How do you tell people what you have seen without sounding like you have lost the plot?

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