Spring Lake, New Jersey, USA; August 16, 2009

Name: Growler

Date: August 16, 2009

Location: Spring Lake, New Jersey, USA

Message: My wife and I saw a series of white lights/orbs on 8/16/09. We were in front of our house in spring lake and they were coming from the WSW heading ENE.

They traveled in a straight path and were fairly slow moving. They lights did not flicker much and they were all identicle.

They crossed the sky heading out over the ocean. There were 14 in total and most traveled in pairs one group flew in a triangle pattern and there were a few solitary objects as well.

The first 2 appeared and then more would appear every 30 seconds to a minute. One of the lights faded but we were not able to see anything other than a dark spot.

This was about 8:30 PM. Could have been military. I have never seen anything in the sky I could not explain, this was the first. Not saying they were aliens but it was unusual.

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