North Bergen, New Jersey, USA; December 23, 1994

Name: Edward Grady

Date: 23-12-94; 22:30:00

Location: North Bergen

What did the UFO look like, shape/size in relation to terrestrial objects/lights/colour: It was green, glowing, I could not see any mechanical structure.

It was at least two thousand feet from the surface. It was above a park, North Hudson Park. That is located in North Bergen, New Jersey

Did the UFO do any strange things like hover and then zoom off quickly: The object was stationary and then accelerated at an astounding rate. It reached the horizon in less than three seconds. This is what led me to belive it was not a natural phenomena.

Any additional comments: I was with my friend mike. He also observed the event. This was one of the reasons that I believe it was a UFO.

We proceeded to go to a local cliff to get a view in the hopes that the object might return. We stayed over over six hours speculation on the nature of the object.

It never returned. I was a physics student at Stevens Institute of Technology at the time and thought about the idea of calculating its speed based on how fast it reached the horizon.

But do to the lack of reference points I decided it would not be worth the trouble. As I said the altitude of the object was in question.

Since then I have read many books on the subject and have read some of John Mack’s papers on the subject. I find it facinating.

I was ridiculed by my fellow students when I told them. They just kept talking about the inertial forces and how any occupants would be killed if it accedlerated so quickly.

It amazes me that mankind thinks it is the end all of existence. Well, anyway, that’s what happened and I know what I saw.

Also, I have found that there were many other sitings in that park including one abduction story. In that case a man saw the UFO land and there were burn marks the next day and they had to resoil the field because nothing would grow.

Just thought I’d throw that little tidbit in.
Thank you.
Ed Grady

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