Anderson, Indiana, USA; August 12, 2009

Name: Chris

Date: August 12, 2009

Location: Anderson, Indiana, USA

Message: I live in Anderson ,Indiana and me and my fiancee’ were watching the meteor shower also on Weds. Aug. 12th. I saw a very small light that resembled a star and seemed to be just as far away as them.

It moved what I thought to be fairly fast then did some sort of weird jumping hook movement , traveled on forward a bit more , then did another strange backwards hooking motion and changed directions somewhat.

As I followed it out of sight , it continued to move straight then do a movement it shouldn’t be able to. The next night(tonight) , I saw it again in a different area than before but it moved with the same odd patterns as the night before.

This time there happened to be an airplane in the same vicinity and seemed to be about the same size as this very small weird moving light.

I could tell the airplane or jet was very far away because of how small it looked ,but even though it was so very far away….I could definitely still make out its required flashing lights.

This strange oblect was a solid light with no flashing from it either of the two nights. I have heard there has been a large increase in UFO sightings this week since the Perseid meteor shower began.