Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA; 1984


Date: 1984

Location: Providence Rd. Va. Beach

What did the UFO look like, shape/size in relation to terrestrial objects/lights/colour: a green light in the sky

Did the UFO do any strange things like hover and then zoom off quickly: moved around very erraticly leaving a fluoresent green trail behind it

Any additional comments: it was barely dusk and looked like scribbling in the sky with a fluoresent crayon. Has got to be the strangest thing I have ever seen, but I am still looking!


  1. i have a memory as a child when i went to watch fireworks one night in Virginia Beach VA. it had to be around 84 because I was around four or five years old.  i was sitting in the back of a white pickup truck looking to the right side of the sky at the fireworks going off.  at one point my attention was drawn to the left side by an object i can only describe as a spinning top like the ones kids play with with the one l.e.d. on the side and when you spin it it looks like this one lite up circle.  the object was spinning.  i remeber asking what is that and only hearing it’s fireworks but now that i am an adult i realize they must of not seen what i was asking about and at the time i thought it was what i was told it was a really awesome firecraker.  i looked back and forth from the fireworks and the object and it was gone.  in the sky was a pale green misty looking fog though.  the only other way for me to describe this object is like a spinning roulette table it was sideways in the sky with a circle of light around it i cant figure out if it was one light just spinning really fast or a whole circle of light around it.  what triggered this memory for me was the calls of ufo sightings at the ending of the movie the fourth kind and after getting really bad chill bumps all over me i decided to look up ufo sightings in virginia beach va 1984 and i saw this artcle.  i am wondering if this persons details are like mine. i cant wait to find out.


  2. sorry i got my left and right mixed up.  the object was on the right and the fireworks were on the left.  the only place i remember fireworks blasting off like that was a place called mount trashmore or something to that sort i can barely remember but we might have been close or at that place.


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