Gelert, Ontario, Canada; August 21, 1998

Name: Hans von Richter

Date: Friday August 21 1998

Time: 11:30 PM

Location: Gelert, Ontario Canada. Approximately 130 miles NE of Toronto, very rural area.

Sky Condition: Clear, star filled.

Message: I went outside to bring my cat in for the night. In the North East sky I noticed a large object that I can only describe as being a vertical bow tie or hour glass in shape, cylindrical at the top and bottom with a very narrow middle. I could clearly see a row of red lights at the top of the object, white lights at the middle and green at the bottom. The object appeared to be shimmering. It remained in the sky for about 5 minutes and then just simply disappeared. I’m neither a believer or disbeliever in UFOs, nor do I drink, take drugs or have hallucinations. This object was real, quite large, and in my estimation could not have been an aircraft or a weather balloon. I don’t know what it was but it was there.

Hovered and shimmered for about 5 minutes. The lights were bright and constant.