Sarnia, Ontario, Canada; February 2, 1980

Name: s zazulyk

Date: February 2, 1980

Location: Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Message: It was tri-angular and about the size of a large truck, it had lights on each coner that looked really weird to the eye (like red lazers).The frame of the object was not lite but could still be seen tri-angular in shape.

To this day I still dont get it- I’m at my girl friends house one night and hear the lady next door telling her mother on the phone that there is a UFO out front: so I run on to the front lawn and the entire block is gazing up a this object just hovering above us, next thing every-one runs inside exept me(my girl friend is now screaming at me to come in) and all of the sudden it shoots off. I still remember the sound it made while hovering it was like a bug light (You know the kind that zap bugs with electricity when they land on it: really, really weird) but when it took off there was no sound!Well strange as it made sound this one is true