Houston, Texas, USA; August, 1985

Name: Luc Depiere

Date: August 1985; 20:00:00

Location: Houston, Texas U.S.A.

Message: Triangle, about 1/3 mile to 1/2 mile long and about as wide at the rear of the craft. No lights and no sound.The surface was smooth and rather dark. Seemed to move slower than an aircraft. The enormous size of the object is what puzzles me the most.

I thought for a long time that is was a helium gas filled construction containing no metal (carbon fiber instead) to avoid radar and build for the military. Then I saw some Russian footage of an identical object filmed in 1962. If it was a “Zeppelin” type craft certainly the Russian could have shot it down like they did with the U2. Some General then said that they couldn’t even catch it.