Hoo, Rochester, Kent, England, UK; October 10, 1997

Name: Justin Bailey

Date: 20/10/97; 22:30:00

Location: Hoo, Rochester, Kent

Message: Did not see the craft, but saw a bright red flash/streak of light traveling from left to right above us, extremely fast, but seen many times in this area. It must of been big, bigger than size of my thunb if held aloft

red flash zoomed from left to right at high speed, light lingered for a second

on this occasion I was with 3 witnisses. Since I had seen it again with about five witnisses. 2 of whom had seen them before On the second occasion the light came over our heads and looked like whatever it was, was going to land in the school field. Also a close friend has seen a massive craft hovering above him at a house (he was waiting on the front wall for a female to answer the door) he looked up at her bedroom only to notice this bloody grate saucer above the roof, all of a sudden it shot off into the distance until he could no longer see it. he didnot hear it. he got well worried, He was shaking. even told the girl, she laughed. he then told me next day. He saya he saw something like it when he was a boy.

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