Salisbury, North Carolina, USA; January 1, 1998

Name: Stefan Duncan

Date: 10/01/98; 3:45 p.m

Location: Salisbury, N.C., USA

Message: The UFO was oval and undulating. It was eye-hurting bright, the color of liquid mercury. The shape seemed to waver. It was about 50 by 50 feet

The sky was clear. The UFO flashed so brightly, it drew my attention from the corner of my eye. The UFO jumped about three fists to the left almost instantly. It lingered there for about 15 seconds, then, it bolted westward in a slight ascending direction.

I was sitting on the passenger side of a truck parked at a service station. A bright flash caught my eye. I looked about three fists high to the west and saw the UFO. It was stationary. It suddenly jumped from inert to three fists to the left within a blink of an eye and remained motionless. The round shape undulated or say, rippled. The moment I saw it, my heart pounded. I felt it had maybe intentionally flashed me. For the last two weeks, I and several members of my group from XPI, Xtra Paranormal Investigations, have been making attempts to initiate contact with UFOs through meditation and remote viewing.

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