Macomb Township, Michigan, USA; August 5, 2009

Name: Dave T.

Date: August 5, 2009

Location: Macomb Township, MI

Message: I live in Macomb Township, MI. On Wednesday 08/05/2009 at about 10:30pm myself and my 2 sons, ages 18 and 20, witnessed an orange glowing object slowly rising into the sky. We were standing on our driveway looking to the north-west.

Tis first orange glowing object slowly rose skyward. I ran inside to get binoculars and continued to watch it rise until the glow from the object slowly dissappeard the more it came directly over my overhead view. I was looking at it thru bino’s and it was oval / round in shape and grayinsh in color. I eventually lost sight of it as there were a few sparse clouds in the area above my house.

Just then, my sons mentioned seeing a second oranage glowing object slowly rising or crossing the sky in the same area as the first one. We watched that one too until the glow “stopped” being visible. Both my sons then mentioned that they saw two of these grayish, round objects next to each other and moving about in the sky. Myself, I’d lost sight of them at that point and was trying to spot them again with bino’s.

I once again spotted 1 of them slowly dropping from the sky until it dissapeard below the surounding rooftops from sight. All three of us wittnessed the object slowly dropping from the sky. Was a strange thing we wittnessed. Was thinking it was maybe some kind of baloon or something, but not sure.

Just wondered if anyone else in that area of Macomb county saw this as well.
Thanks for reading.
Dave T.

13 thoughts on “Macomb Township, Michigan, USA; August 5, 2009

  1. Tina

    We saw something similar near 21 Mile and Gratiot at 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 20. At first we thought it was a low-flying airplane, but it wasn’t flying very fast. My daughter said “No, it’s a hanglider.” But it was too big. It seemed to be somewhat hovering, and I joked that we could be witnessing a UFO. It was dark outside, so it was hard to get a good view of it, but there were quite a few lights on it. Wondering if it had anything to do with the Air Show and/or Selfridge Airforce Base.


  2. Anonymous

    We too live in Macomb Township.  Our neighbors and I first witnessed these lights on Halloween Night 2008.  The next time we saw these lights was early July 2009; which we captured on video.  Both of these sightings came from the West and continued East.  The speed seemed to be equivalent to a small plane.
    Last night, 8/22/09 around 10:30 PM, we witnessed approximately 8 lights at one time.  This time, the lights appeared in the East and continued South until they faded.  We were able to capture last nights sighting on video as well.
    These lights resemble an orangish / yellowish color.  There is no sound, blinking lights or trail.


  3. My friends and I saw an orange fiery object at Cherry Grove S.C. on August 11th 2009. It rose from the direction of the beach over the trees toward the sound. It moved in a slow motion and was like a ball of amber colored fire moving up and down before slowly moving N.E.. My description does not do it justice. We could not say it was extraterrestial, but it was something that no one there had ever seen. I posted my experience under Cherry Grove S.C., where come to find out has documented sightings very similar in years past.



  4. cheri

    I live in New Middletown, OH (1 hr from Pitts, PA & 1 hr from Cleveland, OH).  My family and I seen an orange glowing small balloon type object 3 time on 8-21-09.  My neighbors seen it also.  It was silent and moved in a straight line, about the speed of a plane.  It was very high in the sky.  Cheri


  5. mike

    I seen this object..yesterday sunday the 23 rd. aug 09 Went from NE to SE then hoverd all orange with yellowish tint on outer part of sphere shaped object, i know this was not from air show also i worked at sang in the 80’s on c-130’s.(btw it was 10pm-10:23 pm was the duration , til a cloud bank hid it from view then went inside to tell family went back outside and the clouds where gone and so was the orange ball thier wasnt a cloud tobe seen in the vicinity and was only in house for 2 minutes).
    I also live in macomb twp 21 ml rd and romeo plank


  6. William

    I to saw this object i live in Warren and was not very sure of what it was i did get a picture with my cell phone but shows little due to the device. My first thought was a aerial flare like those used by boaters but those rise and fall very fast don’t know pretty interesting though.


  7. Shari

    At about 5:45 or so tonight, we observed two whitish lights way up in the sky. They were moving slowly in one direction but the distance between the lights never changed. They were visible for about 30 minutes as they moved slowly. When we looked at them through binoculars, the appeared to be of a trinagular shape and had a yellowish/light green tint. While this was going on, the plane traffic increased heavily in the area and only in the sky close to the lights. The plane traffic continued long after the lights disappeared. I do not believe in UFO’s but there was definately something going on. Does anyone know what we were observing???


  8. holly

    I live in Lincoln park and back in the end of July my friend’s were out side and i said to them what r u looking at and they said a ufo we looked to the sky and u could see this bright orange light there was a airplane we could see one going right near it thanit was gone.


  9. Anonymous

    my friend and i were driving and we seen it and stopped. we got out of the car and were asking eachother what that was. It looked like a hot air balloon and their was only one that we saw, we tried to take pictures of it but nothing came up clear it was too far for our type of camera and then we watched it start moving and then eventually disappeard and thats what makes me think it is not a hot air balloon cause other wise if it would of went out and just dropped to the ground it would of been on the news and their was nothing. [2009|10|a23722c5c9e56cf95022fa8820daf9bd]


  10. ca

    I saw something very similar about two hours ago and was googling to find out if there was a satellite that reentered the atmosphere. I was in the Lenox/New Haven area (I-94 and 26 mile rd.) it looked like something was on fire, moving slowly from overhead (when i first noticed it) to the western horizon. it either burned out or disappeared behind the clouds before it passed out of my line of sight. of course, “ufo” was mentioned. From a literal context, i wasnt able to identify it, so i suppose it would be!


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